Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Super Preview!

I was planning on posting this on Monday, but this week is going to be hectic at best. Shooting photos for an upcoming catalog, home repairs, back pains, and a mountain of other tasks. I'll be lucky to get any "real" work done. That said the posts might be a little sporadic this week.

So what is this thing? This was a preview kit, or best guess a promo kit for the Superman Returns Movie. Well not so much as just the movie but a kit building hype for Superman across the board. These were sent out to license holders to fill them in to information about the upcoming movie, about the other Superman licenses in the Warner Bros. Stables, and the Man of Steel in general. This one came with a letter announcing the movie and other Superman properties, which I returned to the person it was addressed to, because it seemed a little personal even though it was probably a standard letter to all licensors.

Me being a fan of Style Guides and studio promo items and a fan of DC Comics Heroes, I had a chance to go through the material, after which I was offered it because it was taking up space in the offices. I sort of dug the case, plus it came with a cape! So how could I say no?

I will say that WB is one of the few studios that go out of there way to produce these crazy promo items, but in this case the enclosed discs fell a little short. Instead of the custom printed discs, they opted for the ink jet labels. Which I can't really blame them because the case and cape are the real jewels in this set. I do wonder if the case is recycled from a previous superman style guide. If anyone knows, drop me a comment.


megomuseum said...

Holy Cow, I have that and have been under the impression that it was a shirt all this time. The cape makes it even cooler!

chunky B said...

Cool, always glad to see this stuff make it out to fellow collectors!

This one is a cape, but I would be interested if they did come with a shirt, or other items.

When I got home with it both the bassets had to try the cape on before I put it back in the box, which led to their Halloween costumes that year, Super Dog and Bat Hound!

Do you have any more info on this set?

megomuseum said...

For the life of me, I can't figure out why I thought this was a shirt.

I got mine from WB when they were trying to sell me the Superman Returns license. I also got a presentation on how they were marketing the Supergirl image.

Two years later my daughters room looks like Krypton....

chunky B said...

I remember going through the Supergirl presentation as well. I remember thinking at the time "are they coming out with a remake of Supergirl, too?"

Okay, so now I have to know the name of your company, cause I know you make DC related items from past comments.

megomuseum said...

Okee Dokee, I assure you, you've never heard of it.

chunky B said...

Okee Dokee Sticker Company!

You're right never heard of it, but I went to your site to see if I'd maybe seen some of the designs out in the market, but image viper keeps coming up.

I've done a few stickers back in the Play By Play Days, not much to talk about though.

Canada though, Cool!