Friday, August 31, 2007

Comic Pack Trooper in Disguise!

This weeks Stormtrooper of the Week is really one of those Rebels in disguise. The Luke Skywalker in Stormtrooper Disguise and R2-D2 Comic Pack from Hasbro. I'm actually posting these out of order, one mainly because I have been buying these out of order and two this is the only one I have so far. So this is set four of the series to date. I like the concept of getting a comic book with a toy, I'm just not too sure about the paint applications on these figures. I understand what they are trying to do by making them look like they stepped from the comic, but I'm not entirely sure it's working. Again getting a comic is a great idea, I liked it with the Marvel Legends, I liked it with the Batman figures, and I likes it with my Star Wars figures.

What's cool about this figure pack is that Luke in this disguise has never really had this much articulation, which leads some to buy the pack and modify the figure by removing all the blue hi-lights. Which I'm not about to do, but it looks like Hasbro has decided to re-release these with out the hi-lights, meaning I better snatch up a Han Solo with the blue paint apps to match my Luke.

The Comic packs that are in stores now span the Marvel and Dark Horse comic runs, and it looks like besides the homage to the Marvel Comics, they are hitting the most popular Dark Horse stories. I'm more interested in these classic ones, so far besides Luke and R2, we have Han Solo in Disguise / Chewbacca, Grand Moff Tarken / Stormtrooper (thought I would start with this one, right?), and Darth Vader / Rebel Soldier. All come with one of the four re-printed issues from the Marvel Star Wars Comics. As was said here before in the comments, could a certain green rabbit be on the way?

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rob! said...

>>could a certain green rabbit be on the way?<<

man, i hope so! i'd buy that one faster than a Jawa subdivides a landspeeder!