Friday, September 14, 2007

Will the REAL Stormtrooper of the Week please stand up!

Not too long ago, I posted a rant about someone replacing a 30th Anniversary Stormtrooper with one from the 90's. Well I realized I haven't shown the 30th Anniversary trooper yet. So here he is in all his 30 years of Star Wars glory. You know for Star Wars being the big 30 you think they would have done something a little bit more like re-release the original with 30 extra minutes of George Lucas adding Jar Jar or something! I guess we can actually say "Thank the maker!" he didn't. But that doesn't mean he's not jacking with the originals still, I read somewhere, and I hope it's a joke, that he is making them 3-D now???

Well, Hasbro here, produced a 30th Anniversary line with a mixture of characters from all the movies. So I thought I would just go over what I like about this figure, since it's really just a re-release of the VOTC figure.

Pros: The packaging is kind of nifty with the die cut and the weathered look. The look itself could be taken as the weathered look Lucas originally tried to give his movies, the "used car" look, or I like to believe it was somewhat inspired by the "Circus" Poster for Star Wars. A one sheet poster that was illustrated to look weathered and torn, posted on an old fence, sort of like the Circus advertisements of long ago. Another pro is the figure is packed in a cool running stance, which I've noticed recently that figures are taking on that "action" part of their name more and more. Last pro, even though it is a re-pack, it is still a great figure, nice detail, proportions, and articulation.

Con: One, but it's a big one. It really is not a straight up re-pack. Hasbro worked their clone / Jango voo doo on it and he has a removable helmet with none other than Jango Fett's face. Yeah, we get it, they're clones, enough already!

Well that's the Stormtrooper of the Week, till next week, here's hoping George forgets where he put his copies of the original trilogies so he won't do some more damage!

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rob! said...

those cards are designed to not ever stay in mint condition, with all those edges and curlicues, thereby making any future MOC ones extra valuable!