Thursday, August 23, 2007


Okay at lunch today I had to run an errand, so I thought I would check out the local Wal Mart toy section, because while I do not necessarily like shopping Wal Mart, they are getting a set of G.I. Joes that I kind of want. But this trip was especially pleasant. As I made my way from the entrance to the toy section the smell of dankness and despair filled the air, that and urine, as I passed by a aisle that was blocked off with a couple of mop buckets. Nice.

As I rounded the corner I could see that the Star Wars section had been restocked and right up front was this beauty. A Stormtrooper! So what, what's up with that. Well what's up is someone has taken the time, and not enough to be careful, to open the package, take out the super articulated trooper and replace him with a 1995 Power of the Force 2 - Stormtrooper! What the hell is wrong with someone that they would expend this type of time and energy to get six bucks and some change back on a figure on top of stealing the figure that they apparently wanted? A freaking slime ball, crook that's who. This kind of crap really makes me sick, why even do this? You didn't want the 1995 one, just throw it away. Wow, you got one over on the man, you got money back and ripped off a toy! A freaking toy! Great job you jack ass!

You know somewhere in that demented freaks mind he thinks he one upped Wal Mart. You know who will loose? Another customer, that's who. Some kid might get this for a present and figure it out, maybe not, or the store might change their policy on Star Wars figures, who knows. The corporate giant isn't going to be hurt, they probably wouldn't give a crap as long as someone else buys it. Well I was pretty sickened by this and snapped the photo, I left it on the pegs too, and here's why. It's obvious that the average employee / department manager couldn't give a crap because the store looks and smells like a flea market (actually I've never been to a flea market that smells like urine) plus I was hoping that this slime has been seeking this damn figure for so long that he has told friends and family he wanted it, and I hope that one of them spies it and goes "oh there's that dumb Stormtrooper, asshole is looking for, I think I 'll pick it up for him!" and he gets this one back. I know the later won't happen but I can dream. What I know is I ended up just leaving the store. I left behind pegs full of other Star Wars characters I would like to own and 12" G.I. Joes that were calling my name. I left this store behind, and may never return, I am also re evaluating the whole toy collecting thing because of this, it's a shame that stuff like this happens and leads to other people's unhappiness. What have we become?


megomuseum said...

Sad that someone wastes their day pulling these elaborate scams.

chunky B said...

I've cooled down some, but I still can not figure this one out, it doesn't make sense on so many levels, the kicker is he probably wasted more time and money than the eventual payoff.