Tuesday, October 16, 2007

G.I. Jay!

Lady Jay to be exact!

I was strolling through Toys R Us last Friday during my lunch break, having just had my fill of a super steak burrito and the company of my wife and son at the local burrito shack. I thought I would stop by the ole' TRU to see what was up, as I was heading back to work. In other words, research! I actually found a few items of toy goodness, and they were all hanging on the front of the pegs. This being one of them (the other two will have to wait), an item I thought I would never actually see. I have resolved that I will pick up 25th Anniversary G.I. JOES whenever I see a new one, sort of like I do with the ole' JLU. Living in a predominately military town (I think the nickname used to be Military Town, USA) and seeing as how the scalper to child and/or collector ratio is 15 to one, these things disappear pretty fast. Matter of fact I'm still looking for a few from the first series, so imagine my surprise when this Series two figure showed up.

Straight from the cartoon of the 80's, comes Lady Jay with rocket launcher in hand and what looks to me to be a non-regulation use of the uniform. How long do you think Hasbro will get away with making figures with their boobs hanging out, in lack of a better term??? This reminds me of the rather chesty Jean Grey figure from Toy Biz's original X-Men Movie line, which was later repainted to cover some of her cleavage with what looks like an under shirt. Now, don't get me wrong, I do not have a problem with this toy, I even showed my wife, saying "you have to see this G.I. JOE I just bought" thinking she would see it and couldn't believe they made such a toy either. Instead I got "Don't rub that figure to hard, toys have lead in the paint now a days, you know!" and knowing is half the battle!

G.I. JOE: 2

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