Monday, October 15, 2007

Doctor Octopus

A villain from the 1991 Toy Biz line, one that I did not initially buy the first time around. It wasn't till recent I decided to try to complete this series, filling in holes when I could. I remember not getting this guy back in the nineties and there was a real low auction on Ebay so I immediately put in a bid. While he was being shipped I unpacked some of my other figures from this series, thinking Doc Oc was the only one missing, I realized that I had gotten rid of a few of these marvels of modern toy goodness in some "Goodwill purges". So now I'm back at square one with this line. Some would say why bother, but this line has a somewhat "vintage" feel to it and it brings back a load of fond memories.

The good doctor here, while not being the most attractive of the figures in the line (like any of them are all that great), still is a pretty fun find. The tentacles are really a neat feature, with bendable arms and two different "claws" to grab onto things. The suction cups for smooth surfaces and the pinchers to grab onto everything else. So with Doc Oc in hand I'm off to catalog the rest of the series and see what other holes I have. Which just goes to show you, it's not wise to pack up your collection, and think twice about what you thin out, as I'm sure many have done the same thing I have thinking that you will never go back. Still I'm glad that the toys went to children who probably enjoyed them so that's a bonus.


rob! said...

finally a character thats appropriate for ToyBiz's "hungry man" figure mold!

megomuseum said...

The fact that most of these figures have some sort of action feature makes them charming in a clunky sort of way.