Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Batman Villain Plush Vol. 1

The thing I like about the villains is that the series was in the middle of changing it's character designs, but since the company had already developed the Joker, and apparently people liked him that way he stayed the Animated Series version and was not updated to the New Batman Adventures version.

I really dig this version of the Clown Prince of Crime, if I can't find a decent plush of him on E-bay I may have to dig up the old patterns and have one made. It would give me a chance at trying my hand at sculpting and casting, though I would be casting in resin and not doing the roto head as this piece has. You know I did have a chance to do some of the control drawings for the heads of the Animated Series pieces, though not my best work, that was the extent of my contribution to this line.

Also check out that Mr. Freeze! I remember seeing the proto type for his head and wow it was amazing, stone cold expression.


megomuseum said...

It's weird not to see Penguin or Riddler in an assortment but with the animated series designs I can see why these guys were chosen.

chunky B said...

Ah, I saved the best for today!!!