Monday, November 5, 2007

BTAS Amusement Plush

I know I have mentioned in the past working for a little amusement plush company called Play By Play. Well ole' PBP had the license at the time to do a great deal of the Warner Bros. Characters, and the ones that most interested me were of course Batman and Friends! So this week I thought I would so some of the old product pages. These were forever featured in the company store and I always meant to go get a set, but alas I never did. But that's just as well, I really do not have room for more plush Batmans, but I could make room for that Joker!

Some things to note, I was not responsible for the layouts and setups since I was developing hard goods at the time. Plus looking at some of the colors they used for the borders may give you a headache, but these catalogs were marketed towards Carneys.

So to start off here's the dynamic duo themselves!


rob! said...

i love that pic of all them together--"Robin! Have you been messing around with my Bat Matter-Duplicating Machine?!?"

chunky B said...

You know that's something I deal with today, depending on the character, do you show every size?

The Carney's call them "Families" so in this case you would have the Batman Family and the Robin Family, then for the hell of it they might make a Batman Assortment that has both or include other characters.

I usually just tell them to give me what they want in the picture...