Monday, February 4, 2008

Announcing Bounty Hunter!

Well 2007 saw the Stormtrooper of the Week feature, which I really enjoyed, so I thought what other Star Wars character(s) do I enjoy?! The answer to that is the bounty hunters, more specifically Boba Fett, not to say I won't drop some of the others up from time to time. So the name of the new feature is called just that, Bounty Hunter! Now I'm not sure if this should be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc. But from time to time I'll drop a cool pic of something related either toy-wise, comic-wise, or collectable-wise on Eclectorama featuring the scum and villainy of the Star Wars Universe. Heck I might even through a hero up there every once in a while!

Now I know what some of you are thinking, Boba Fett, he's lame! To that I respond, recently yes, yes he is. Nothing hurt me more than Boba Fett appearing in the prequels as an annoying little brat, I really wasn't impressed with Jango Fett either. The key word is recently, while I'll show pics of new Fetts, it's the ideal of the ol' Boba Fett that appeals to me. See, I was a kid when the "Sneak Preview" figure was announced for Empire Strikes back. I immediately sent in my proofs of purchase and this mysterious helmeted figure arrived declaring he was a new Bounty Hunter from the upcoming Star Wars flick. I didn't even know what a bounty hunter was exactly until the Empire Strikes Back came out. I remember eagerly awaiting to see the new character on the big screen and with his gravely voice agreeing not to vaporize Han Solo upon capture I was hooked. I knew right then and there this was a bad ass. It wasn't until Jedi and the scream when he was rocketed into the Sarlaac pit that I came to the realization that he might not be the bad ass I thought he was. But, it was this initial encounter that got cemented in my brain that Boba Fett was the end all, be all bad boy of Star Wars, and that's what this feature will celebrate!

So to start off here's my very first encounter with Mr. Boba Fett, the 1978 Preview figure from my childhood, easily my most treasured toy, the one I would save in case of natural disaster, the one that I would pass down to a grand child upon my death bed, the one that if said grand child never arrived I would be buried with!

This is the one figure that looks better when he's all scratched up! Though mine is in pretty decent shape, even though he has a few paint chips here and there! I wonder if they had lead in them?

This is the one that came in the mail, I never had to go and purchase one on the card (though now I wish I had, and kept it on the card). The day he arrived he became my favorite figure. Let's face it he was crazy looking, the costume was like nothing I had seen in the film, he was an agent of the Empire and his costume was way cooler than Darth Vader. More importantly he had no back history, I could make it up as I went along. I do remember that he was supposed to have a firing back pack, but I wasn't disappointed that it didn't fire. If I remember right there was note in the package explaining the safety issue or something. That got immediately tossed out, who cares about safety when you're holding one of the Galaxies most notorious bounty hunters in your hands. This little guy stole Rebel X-wings, hunted down Chewy, and on occasion would give Vader a bitch slap with his slapping hand. There was nothing that this dude couldn't do, until Jedi that is.


rob! said...

Boba Fett = Best Star Wars figure ever?

chunky B said...

I'm going to have to say yes on that, at least the old school Fett.

I like the newer ones, but this is, to me, hands down the best figure of the Fett man!

Some runners up on my list are Ree-Yees, the Power Droid, Hammerhead, and Snaggletooth, and even Bossk (all vintage versions, of course).

Ah screw it, I like all the vinatge ones!