Friday, February 1, 2008

Back in Action!

That's right baby! Playmates Toys is going to make Star Trek figures again! A least for the next movie! Here's a quote from an article at

"Well I can say without a shadow of a doubt that Playmates does indeed have the license."

The writer goes on to mention the uniforms and scales of the lines, that's right lines that Playmates has coming for the new movie. Plus an interesting little bit about a bridge and transporter play-set. I know it's based on the movie, but this might be the closest classic Trek bridge play set we'll see since the Mego one of the 70's!

This coupled with the news that Diamond Select Toys and that ever awesome little upstart EMCE toys can still keep churning out their fine product based on all the previous Trek series means I might get to see some more of those Mego Reproduction figures in the future, which I'm going to start off right now by calling them EMCE Trek!

Lastly this little jewel that I saw over at Raving Toy Maniac about Corgi extending their Trek license, man can I hope that Ertl (or whoever owns AMT now) starts to reissue this model kit from my childhood...

Dare I dream!

P.S. Sorry for the delay in posts, they might be a little choppy for a few weeks, but I'm still out there! So to my few readers again I apologize for my absence.


rob! said...

welcome back!

i didnt have that Spock model kit(I hated models!), but that box art is better than a pint of Romulan Ale and an Orion slave girl.

Jay Amabile said...

i knew you'd be back!