Friday, February 15, 2008

DC Super Giant Aquaman!

I'm not one for writing reviews, so instead I would like to talk about the cover and how I came by this comic.

A past coworker was in the process of dumping a long time boyfriend, so one day she came to work with two large paper grocery bags full of comics and said that they were up for grabs. She came to my cubical first and told me I was welcome to take them all, but wanting to be fair I decided it would be fun to diby them up among everyone that wanted them. So we met right before our lunch break in the art department common area and started going though the bags. I laid claim to some Batman, the first appearance of punisher, some kung fu titles, a few Star Wars, and this Aquaman. I also got some of the other "older" looking comics, because no one cared for them. All said and done I ended up with about half a bag full of comics, not bad.

It came up several times that many of us were feeling bad because these books had obviously been something someone had loved, but it was pointed out that the guy was a jerk and had mistreated our friend. I actually met him and he was really obnoxious. So that alone took the sting off a bit. I ended up later giving most of the comics away to kids in the neighbor hood, keeping a few including this Aquaman.

The back story out of the way, I remember what it was about this cover that "spoke to me" besides looking vintage, it was a great representation of all that I loved about older comics with the "thrills and chills" intros to each of the stories, the way layouts were done back in the day, and of course the colors. It's obvious that this is a reprint collection of past comics, and I'll leave the who's and wheres to Rob, but man I considered this a great find among the stack of comics. Not only is it filled with some great period adventures, but the origin of Aquaman, a world without water, and the appearance of Aquagirl! Another thing I love about this comic is that it includes an illustrated table of contents with a short intro to each story.

I was actually worried that when this one came up in the stack that I would not get it because it wasn't my turn at bat. I watched as we went around the table and everyone said pass on this title, the main reason was because it was Aquaman and it looked old! What? I couldn't believe what I was hearing, oh well their loss! As soon as it hit my turn I just grabbed it, without a word. I couldn't pass this one up, it's hard to believe that when this came out, you got that much story for only 25 cents and these people were passing it up for free!

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rob! said...

that jerk didn't deserve to own this fine comic.

you gotta know how to treat the ladies!