Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It's all fun till the talking ape shows up!

Before the 2007 Holidays I resolved to cut back on toy purchases, with the exception of JLU, EMCE Star Trek, and select GI JOE or Star Wars. I can say that I've actually done pretty well. One reason would be that there is hardly any new JLU in stores, EMCE Star Trek only comes out every few months (and even then it's pre order) and GI JOE and Star Wars figures get snapped up here faster than a twenty dollar bill sitting on a sidewalk. Even having looked over the reports of upcoming toys from Toy Fair 08 I can say I'm fairly safe.

Some items that have peaked my interest from recent reports are some of the Indiana Jones Figures, some new Batman stuff including various versions of the the Dark Knight, Joker, and company, plus the news that Playmates Toys is gearing up for the upcoming Star Trek flick in 09! Besides those the original list is pretty much intact.

So before the Holidays when I was making this resolution I came across one of the last JLU purchases of the year! The Gorilla Grodd six pack! Grodd has been one of the figures I've wanted most from the JLU line. Why? He's an ape, and he's an evil ape at that! The six pack comes packed with three regulars, Superman, Batman, and the Flash, plus Lex Luthor, a Red Hood version of the Joker, and the main ape himself! My favorite things about this Gorilla is his size and the look on his face. Articulation is a whopping seven points which is average for most JLU, but who cares when you get a massive hunk of plastic like Grodd! Things that bum me out about this set, besides the repacks. One, I've only found one to date (sorry Rob) so the distribution isn't good, two the paint can be sloppy at times, and Grodd scratches easily, and that's pretty much it.

I've also heard that JLU is going to be limited to Targets only going forward, that explains why the Grocery Store has dried up on these guys, meaning A) these will be really easy to find, because Target will order a whole bunch of JLU stuff, or B) the line is getting ready to tank, and whatever you find out there will be lucky at best. Oh well I have to go help the Flash since Sups and Bats are busy with their own villains.

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