Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mini Cylon, By Your Command!

Isn't that first image great, if I do say so myself! I got to playing with the Macro feature on the camera we have at the office. I thought this would be a cool test. So here we have the latest in Ebay conquests, okay I know what I said about limiting the purchases for the collection, but in my defense I've had my eye on one of these for a long time, and it's a great mini figure.

It's a Minimate from the folks at Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum, and I think it's one of the most successful Minimates around. What makes it so successful? The detail in the head. Instead of the standard cylinder head with sculpted hair, this guy gets a sculpted head. I say head because were the original Cylons not robots? I mean I knew as a kid that they were people in suits, playing robots, unlike that golden guy on Star Wars... which late I found out was not a real robot and was an actor... then to find out that the small one was both a remote control and a little person actor, damn was my dream crushed. If you asked me then I thought by now I would have a pair of those droids. But back to the Cylon here. This guy is tiny, and I've placed him next to a ruler so you get an idea. Now this guy was produced in 2006-2007 as a limited edition run of classic Battlestar Galactica Minimates to celebrate the new show. They have newer characters now, plus the classic will make an appearance in a box set later this year with some other of shows baddies.

This preview set came sort of blind boxed, but with a window so you could see who you were getting, sort of spoils the fun, but good for me so I didn't have to go through an army to get the one I wanted. See, I never was much of a fan of the commander cylons, the gold didn't do it for me. and the ones with the blast marks look silly to me. The stealth one though looks pretty cool, but the show didn't have stealth Cylons, please. Basic silver is the ones I thought were cool. I do think they made a limited number of these in chrome, but I haven't found one, could be a myth.

When I got this guy the other day I thought, sitting there holding the little Cylon in the palm of my hand, this is what the figure in the ship I had as a kid should have looked like. That would have been sweet. At one time these classic Battlestar Minimates were to have little SD versions of their ships, kind of a cross between the Lego knock offs that Art Asylum did and the Minimate Speed Racer Cars of not too long ago. I'm just happy with this guy though. It will be interesting to see the good guys and bad guys box sets that come out, maybe a chance to have a Daggit again!

One other thing I thought of was I remember back in the day when Battlestar Galactica first aired, everyone talked about how George Lucas had a law suit against the producers for copying the Stormtroopers. I never was sure if this was true or not, I was too young and didn't care. But if you think about it now, robots that say "By your command" and robots that say "Roger, Roger" seems awful similar. I wonder where he got the idea?

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