Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Trek Train keeps rollin'!

That's what I'm calling these new, reproduction action figures from EMCE, my Trek Train. I'm really digging these figures more and more since I started collecting them. Of course they are reproductions of the classic Mego's, but now I'm not afraid to touch them. Not that I've had any problems with my few classic, but man oh man would I hate to break them.

So I'm a little out of order, seeing how series one was Kirk vs. Klingon and series two was Spock vs. the Andorian, so I'm jumping ahead to McCoy vs. the Romulan. Not much of a fight though, this Romulan figure is awesome, simply awesome I tells you! When I was a kid I had a few Trek figures from Mego, and was more than likely unaware, or simply wasn't interested in the bad guys to get the Romulan. When I got older and learned a little more about the Megos of my youth, I sought out the aliens of the line. The Klingon always seemed more obtainable than the rest, I never even thought about owning a Romulan. Then that little company that could, EMCE, came along and I'm popping open a fresh, brand spanking new Romulan out of a package. Also as a bonus, A RED TRICORDER! A big deal because these didn't come with the originals, or were even made in that color as far as I know. My son took one look at this figure and said how lame it was that they recycled the starfleet weapons from the other figures, I had to snatch the Romulan away and said that's how we rolled back in the day, Blue meant good, red was evil dammit! That's how we liked it. Okay maybe not how we liked it, but looking back today I think it was awesome to color them different, those magnificently cheap bastards of the toy industry ( I say this in jest, being a member)! I remember a friend having the Klingon, or having seen one, and we would have discussion after discussion about the red versus blue phasers. Today, I enjoy when they paint the weapons in the proper colors, but when ever I see a blue phaser it takes me back.

The likeness is somewhat reminiscent of Mark Lenard the actor who portrayed the Romulan Commander in the Original Series episode Balance of Terror, as well as Spock's father Sarek in several of the original episodes and movies. Lenard also seemed to play a Klingon in the Motion Picture according to the article. Though the Romulan Commander didn't wear the head gear, I think Lenard having portrayed TV's first appearance of a Romulan, would be a logical choice. If I'm not mistaken the Sub Commander in that episode also played a Vulcan that was to challenge Spock in the episode Amok Time for the hand of T'Pring. Also the helmets were recycled in that episode, painted silver with some extra stuff, but they are the same style. Not a surprise as the Vulcans and Romulans are related as everyone knows. I know, I know, Geek Alert! Geek Alert!

So now I'll need to shoot pics of the others in the series, the Andorian is pretty cool as well, but I had to get the Romulan up on the ole' blog first, plus it was fun shooting the pictures on this one, so much shinny stuff! EMCE has Scotty and the Keeper up next, followed by Uhura and the Magato, and the newbies Khan, Chekov, Cheron, Sulu, and a series accurate Gorn (though I would have dug the Mego version as well). There's even a rumor that a bridge playset might be made. It's going to be a great year for Trek!

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