Friday, March 21, 2008

The Batman: Hawkman

Another Justice Leaguer from the animated show The Batman. Like Green Lantern, Hawkman was a guest star on the cartoon this season and ended up getting a figure for it.

The figure must be patterned after a early concept because some things are slightly different than his appearance on the show. One being the beak on his cowl is longer and pointed downward, the show had it much more compact, kind of like Batman's cowl.

Some things I don't like, the paint is a little sloppy on the figure and his pins on his knee articulation are flesh colored instead of green like his pants. These could just be on the one I picked up.

Thing I like is the stylized look of the character and that he is among several heroes that have guest stared on the show that received action figures. So that leaves me to find Superman, Martian Man Hunter, and the Flash in this style. Green Arrow mad several appearances, and is actually starting to be one of my favorites because of this show and Justice League Unlimited, now they just need to make a Green Arrow Figure and an Aquaman in this style.

Sadly this is the last season for The Batman, rumor has it it will be replaced by a new show featuring Batman and other Heroes called the Brave and the Bold. Also rumored is the show will take on a different appearance. Can't wait to see it, but The Batman style was growing on me.


rob! said...

what? a show called THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD??? how have i not heard of this???


--now they just need to make a Green Arrow Figure and an Aquaman in this style.--

AMEN to that!

Bubbashelby said...

I'm not sold on the design of HM - I've already passed on him a couple times. I may get him eventually, but I much preferred the design the cartoon ended up with.

I still wish I could find the JLU Hawkman though! And if (when) he appears in the DCUC series he'll be undoubtedly awesome!

chunky B said...

I would have passed on this one just because of the paint being sloppy, but around here (Central Texas) you leave it and you won't see it again on some figures, especially anything DC.

I'm not too thrilled with the mask, I like the cartoon design way better, but he is a pretty cool figure once you get him out and get the wings on.

DCUC Hawkman would be sweet, I hope we see him soon!