Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bounty Hunter: Christmas Fett

Okay, not Christmas Fett exactly, but this is the version of Boba Fett that appeared in the famed Star Wars Holiday Special. This could be considered a debut for the Fett man as this is his first appearance in media.

The figure is again a re paint of the Vintage Original Triolgy Collection figure, this time with some slight changes to his gauntlets, a new holster and pistol, and the addition of a giant tuning fork he used to poke the dragon he rode in the cartoon. It would have been cool to see the dragon realized at the scale of the figure, maybe I'll go but some play-doe. There is also the obvious color change. This figure was previewed with a much cooler animated style helmet, but for reasons unknown he got to keep the standard fett helmet. See this is why previewing figures in magazines and on the web is such a let down some times. You get your hopes up and then the figure hits and bam!

I guess it could work in reverse as well, bad looking figure, company gets feed back, and when the figure is released you get a much better product... Nah never happen.

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