Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bounty Hunter: Comic Pack Boba Fett 2008

Last year Hasbro started releasing Comic Packs, two figures accompanied by a reprint of a Dark Horse or Marvel Comic. The figures are meant to reflect the characters in the comic. Sometimes these comic packs are available at most retail chains and sometimes the are "exclusive" to certain ones. The Boba Fett Comic pack is a Wal Mart exclusive this year. The strange thing about the comic packs is the color of the figures. As I have mentioned they are meant to reflect the look of the character in the comic. Most of the Dark Horse reprints use colors from the modern comics, which are pretty much the same as movie or TV versions of the characters. The Marvel age of Star Wars comics was known for its strange (by today;s standards) coloring, which means the figures are colored to match. So that being said I give you the comic pack Boba Fett and a purple RA-7 Droid, old schoolers might remember him as the Death Star Droid.

I kinda of like the purple droid, adds a little flair to the Star Wars shelf here at Eclectorama, the Fett figure isn't too shabby either. A much brighter version of the Fett man, the figure is based on the Vintage Original Trilogy Collection figure of 2004. This marks the fourth version or repaint of this figure base. The second version I have shown here. This version bears a similar resemblance to the vintage 12" Boba Fett of Legend. I still have yet to capture a 12" vintage Fett, so an e-bay swipe will have to do for comparison. The comic pack figure also has some sand or Sarlaac pit goo detail. At first glance it looks like a mistake on the figure, but it supposed to represent the part of the comic were Boba is covered in sand and the fore mentioned goo when found by the Jawas. Which leads us to the re printed comic.

"Jawas of Doom!" Star Wars # 81! The story in a nut shell, Boba Fett has survived the Sarlacc Pit from Return of The Jedi, but is unconscious just outside the mouth of the pit. Seems the Sarlaac didn't find his armor to appetizing. A band of Jawas and their RA-7 droid find him and have trouble determining if he is a droid or cyborg so they take him to the sand crawler, which I will note changes scale and configuration a time or two in the story. In the mean time R2-D2 has found himself in the clutches of the same Jawas and it's up to Princess Leia and Han Solo to pull his metal ass from the fire.

Boba Fett regains consciousness and is immediately recognized by the R2 unit, but Fett is suffering from amnesia and fails to recognize R2 or Han Solo who has came to rescue the little droid. Leia in the mean time is outside the Sand crawler attacking it with her stolen landspeeder, causing the crawler to veer out of control back towards the Sarlacc Pit. Han enlists the help of Boba Fett to lift the droid out of a top hatch to get to safety before the Sand Crawler meets it's end in the Sarlaac's belly. As Leia calls Han's name, Boba Fett's memory comes back and instead of grabbing Han's hand to climb up himself, he chooses to take a shot at the scoundrel. Han and R2 leap to safety, leaving Fett to head straight into the Pit with the Sand Crawler. Khaaaaaaaan! I mean Haaaaaaaaaan!

Now some amazing things about this comic. The Sand Crawler, as big as it is can be swallowed by the Sarlaac, and apparently tastes better than Boba Fett's armor. So it's a Fett in a Crawler that does the trick for the Sarlaac. Our heroes also steal two speeders outright from some poor alien sap on Tatooine, not borrow, steal and return fire as they do so, nice. I'm also amazed that Boba Fett, when he remembers Han, does not use his rocket pack to get clear of the Sand Crawler, then take his shot. Also he may need to rethink the helmet because he misses Han at about five feet, but then again he's a clone and like the Stormtrropers apparently cannot shoot to save his life. As I have mentioned the Sandcralwer is drawn in different scales and at one point has a couple of seats on the front that the Jawas can be seen using as a cockpit. One nice moment at the start of the story is a small panel depicting a tender moment between a man and his Wookie, it was so beautiful.

So two figures, an amazing story, and Wookie love what better way to spend 10 bucks and an afternoon? What better way indeed.

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