Wednesday, March 19, 2008

"Doctor Jones to you!"

"I must be feeling ill", I said as I was recounting my trip to Target earlier in the week to Rob over at The Aquaman Shrine as I told him how I passed on a Red Tornado from the DC Universe line, some New GiI JOES, a Marvel Legends Old School Captain America, and a "hard to find" Star Wars concept Rebel Trooper. I actually carried the last one around the store with me. Like some little kid waiting for his parents to say "oh, okay you can get it."

I left the store with no new treasures in tow, but as we made our way past a Toys R Us, I decided to duck in and look around. I passed over the figure aisle, the whole time thinking the same think that I was thinking at Target, blah, blah, blah... when are we going to see the new JLU stuff, man same ol' same ol', I was totally uninspired I guess.

So I went to check out the other areas of the store and came across the Indiana Jones Legos! I knew these were coming out, but I couldn't pass on a chance to get a little Indy! Plus the set comes with a little version of Sean Connery! That was it, I was sold. So now exploring the mess that is my desk Indy and his Father are busy out smarting the included German Soldier and looking for treasure!

These would have been so cool to get as a kid, back when Raiders of the Lost Ark came out. I'm am probably a bigger Raiders fan than New Hope Fan. I saw that movie something like 6 or 8 times in a row, every Saturday for a couple of months. Then I went back for good measure. When it was released on video I picked it up and burnt out the VHS, then the DVD's hit and I've watched it several more time since. I'll try to dig up some of my fondest Raiders stuff, in the meantime "Throw me the idol and I'll throw you the wip!"

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rob! said...

cute! i wanna see a Lego Toht, as well as a Marion.