Friday, March 14, 2008

DC: Super Friends - Batman

Probably one of the coolest renditions of ole' Bats in a long time, in my opinion at least. This is more for the kindergarden set, than the collector, but seeing how I'm just a kid at heart I've tried to get at least one of all the characters. Not really that hard, maybe Aquaman being the hardest of the group to date, though I have yet to see the all Black Costume Batman anywhere. That one is a must, it screams 89' Batman Movie!

I also like how they branded the line under the old Super Friends namesake. I think this opens up a whole new generation to the cool classics.

I've spotlighted a few of the others here in the past, and have even had some discussion of characters I would like to see in the future. Seems someone at Mattel is on the same wave length, because Bats will be joined by his sidekick Robin and his arch nemesis the Joker. Just what every little fan needs a Homicidal Clown in the toy box...

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Bubbashelby said...

I have resisted these up until now - but knowing there will be a Robin...well I just have to get the Dynamic Duo!

BTW, DC comics will be publishing a comic based on these toys - Superfriends #1 - due out in March.