Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bounty Hunter: Bubble Gum Cards

Straight from a pack of Empire Strikes Back Trading Cards to Eclectorama! The notorious Boba Fett makes an appearance on the illustration / sketch cards of the day, the day being 1980! Back in the day we also ended up calling them Bubble Gum Cards.

I remember my buddies and I buying these cards by the case at the new Warehouse Club store, that would later become a Sam's then close to become a Walmart, and is now a fitness center, and trade them on the bus after school. Which really turned into passing off the extras you didn't want to someone else. Each pack had the standard stick of gum that had to be left over from the first world war! At least in our minds anyway. How come no matter how bad that gum tasted, you ended up eating every last stick?

I had one of these illustration based cards up before with the Stormtrooper of the Week feature last year. These were a breath of fresh air among all the photo cards and I count these as some of my favorite images from the movies. More than likely these were style guide images used on other products, but I haven't been able to place them on anything else yet, though I'm still looking!

So enjoy this weeks Bounty Hunter on his hot pink background!


rob! said...

the gum in those things used to make me sick to my stomach. yet, as you said, i always ate it.

since when does Boba Fett have the flaming hand of death?

chunky B said...
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chunky B said...

Boba Fett has a flame thrower on his left gauntlet, it does look like his hand is doing the Ghost Rider though.

I don't think he ever used it in any of the movies, though I'm not sure if his papa did in the prequels, I try to forget those.