Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I couldn't help it...

It's like that story of the scorpion and turtle, it's just in my nature, I'm bound to "sting" or in this case open up a figure just to check it out. So going against what I said months ago, I opened this two pack up to check out the R2 unit and snap some pics.

It's actually a pretty cool little R2-D2 toy, too! Like all the Galactic Heroes what these lack in articulation they make up for in "cuteness". I actually kind of dig the mini Luke as well. I'm going to have to assemble my army of Galactic Heroes on the top of the drawing desk and see just how many of these I have.

Also a little update, if you collect these and missed out on the Falcon Playset, ole' Wally Word is supposed to have the exclusive re-release of this bad boy! With a few changes in the figure line up of course. I'm holding out that someone in the family will pick this one up for my Birthday and save me a trip to Wally World.

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