Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bounty Hunter: Enter Greedo!

Chess bookoo-too ta chkeest-a CHKREN-ko, ya ol-chka.

Oota-goota, Solo? Jabba wa-neen-chi chko-ka a noo-ee shah-nee trai-tran-a-ee wan-ya rooska. heh heh heh

That's right more cuteness from a Galaxy Far, Far, Away! Hasbro Galactic Heroes Greedo and Han Solo! Because you need to show kids how to bargain with bounty hunters! The best bargaining chip you could have is a blaster at the ready kids. Take it from your buddy Han, best to shoot first and live to fight another day! Poor wittle Greedo won't know what hit him.

Also, I couldn't pass on this set, seeing how my newly acquired Galactic Heroes Millennium Falcon didn't come with the "cool vest" Han Solo, plus he needed a Greedo to shoot!

1 comment:

rob! said...

there should be a "crispy fried and smoking" Greedo variant.