Wednesday, April 23, 2008

lil' Venom

Venom is one of those characters that you either love or hate, at least that's the way I feel about him. When he first made an appearance back in the nineties I, like so many other fanboys, gobbled up everything venom. That was till he started to appear in everything.

Venom was one of those characters that I like to refer to as being a victim of "the Borg effect". You know the Borg from Star Trek the Next Generation, every time our heroes were to face overwhelming odds, it turned out to be the Borg, who like Venom was cool at first till they rode that pony into the ground. So while I was excited at the prospects of seeing Venom on the silver screen in Spider-Man 3, I cringed knowing that he would be in every toy and cereal aisle across the world. What makes it worse is it's always hard to find a cool looking Venom.

So my buddy Bill pops into my office this past January with a Super Hero Squad two pack featuring two of the villains from Spider-Man 3, Sandman and Venom. Bill knows I dig these little figs from Marvel and Star Wars, so when he sees one that looks interesting he'll grab it. I have to say this is the coolest version of Venom I've seen from the line, let alone the movie toys. Strange thing is this is a ├╝bber rare set, that I had never seen before and is turning up at scalper prices. The only thing I can figure is, it's because of the Venom figure itself. Super Hero Squad has a few Venoms mixed into various two packs, but non that look, feel, and have the size of this one, it is truly the best Super Hero Squad Venom to date. Too bad his appearance in the movie was not as exciting.

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