Monday, May 5, 2008

Iron Man Weekend, the Indiana Jones Connection!

What a crazy weekend! It was a whirlwind super hero movie and action figure filled hunt two days! Well maybe not the whole weekend.

Friday I found myself running from store to store looking for deals on televisions. One store we thought we would check was Target. Now, I knew that the Indiana Jones figures were released on May 1st. I also knew that I was a sucker for anything Indiana Jones, more specifically Raiders of the Lost Ark. So not wanting to get sucked into another toy line, I had been staying away from stores that might carry such a thing. Welp, no luck. Insert giant vacuum sound here, I was sucked in!

So as I set foot in Target, I thought I'll just bee line it to electronics, see what they have and jet. My wife wanted to look around, I don't blame her, we hadn't been there in quite some time. So we set off on our regular route. Straight into the store through clothing, make the turn towards toys and seasonal, round out through home furnishing and electronics, finish up with cleaning supplies, etc. and out we go. I waited patiently, or about as patiently as I could as she looked through clothing before I said I was heading to electronics, by way of the toy aisle. Yes, yes I am weak. I did make it to the televisions and when my wife found me, much to her amusement I was holding an Indiana Jones figure and a pack of the little Adventure Heroes. I told her "I know, but it's Indy! INDY!"

So off we went looking at other stores after making a purchase of some lovely women's shirts plus Indy and Friends! We made it through a couple more stores looking for a decently priced television , when on the way home my wife suggested Wal Mart. "They carry T.V.'s too" Now my wife does not like Wal Mart at all, matter of fact the only time we venture near Wal Mart is if I am looking for a toy for the collection. So it was somewhat of a surprise, so on the way home we stopped in, the televisions were sparse, so I said I'm going to pass down the toy aisle, well since we were there right?

Again, I got a laugh as I emerged from the action figure aisle with two more Indiana Jones characters in tow. So that was it for the shopping on Friday. Saturday yielded nothing, I didn't even remember it was Free Comic Book day until this morning, no loss since the shops in our area only hand out one comic, not worth the gas.

Sunday was better. We started off by going to see Iron Man, and for the lack of a review I'm going to say it was cooool! The one thing I liked the most is you didn't need to be a comic book geek to enjoy this movie. You could walk into that theater and not know a thing about Iron Man and enjoy that movie. Which was evident by the "talkers" seated behind us. The second thing is if you are a fan, then there were plenty of little easter eggs in the movie to keep you looking for more, and I'm not talking about just the obligatory Stan Lee walk on part.

So after the movie we wanted to check one more place for a T.V. prices, success we found one we liked, and the price was right. So off to the house we went. I totally thought we were set. I get home and it was decided we should mount the T.V. on the wall, so off I went to get a bracket. Turns out the thing didn't fit like the box said, so I packed it back up to take back, but then I thought I remember seeing some at Wal Mart that would work, plus Wal Mart is way closer to the house... and they had Indiana Jones toys! Away I went and a few minutes later I was headed home again with my purchase of a wall mount bracket that would fit AND the maiden of the Ark herself, Marion. My wife was less trilled that I found Marion, but was glad I could get the T.V. up and running!

I am going to make a few notes about the Indy toys. 1) The coolest thing about the little indy is the spider on his back from the beginning of Raiders, what an awesome touch, and 2) you must resist the urge to sit on your couch while your wife or significant other is watching Battlestar Galactica and continue making the "Cairo Streets Indy" figure crack his whip while you say non stop "Throw me the Idol and I throw you the whip!", doesn't make for a good evening.

So not a bad weekend, there was other stuff that happened as well, oil change, visit parents, spend time with friends, go to someone's baby shower we didn't even know, blah, blah, blah... non of that stuff had Iron Man or Indiana Jones figures in it though.

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Bubbashelby said...

Cool stuff man. I've gotten the Mark 1, and the Target and Walmart exclusive Iron Men so far. Awesome toys, and an AWESOME movie!

Not likely to get into the Indy stuff, but they are cool - that spider on his back is pretty funny!