Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wait a minute! Tag?!?

I hate being it. Well thanks to Rob Kelly over at Hey Kids, Comics! that's exactly where I'm at, on the hot seat. Okay so being a blogger novice, the first thing I thought was when I got this meme is that Rob found a new JLU figure! Not the case. Ah well, this looks like it might be fun. So if I read this right I'm supposed to

1) Pick up the nearest book, check! My book is "How To Survive A Robot Uprising" by Daniel H. Wilson.

2) Open to page 123, okay!

3) Locate the fifth sentence... let's see here, okay.

4) Post the next three sentences on your blog... Oh great bullet points, I guess I go to the three full sentences???

"Flipping this switch will freeze a robot in it's tracks."

"Casually glance at your robot's shiny metal carapace."

"Are there signs of tampering?"

5) Tag five blogs I enjoy and acknowledge who tagged me. Well since Rob tagged me that eliminates about 2000 blogs, cause I'm sure there are no tag backs. So I'm going to go down my list of daily must reads, some of which I will note I have never left comments on, so these people are going to go "who the hell?", so sorry in advance. Oh and thanks Rob for taking Plaid Stallions!

So here's the blogs:

1) Shortpacked! - Actually a cartoon about toy collecting, I find it very entertaining, and if you scroll down to the blog you will find out more about Transformers than you may want to know!

2) Bat-Blog - Every time I go to this blog I think about how I wish I would have thought of that name. So are you a Bat Fan? You have to check this one out for the cakes alone!

3) Mister Toast - What else can you say, Mister Toast!

4) Toysrevil's I Like Toys - I enjoy this one very much, designer vinyl and pop culture, great shots of all sorts of toys!

5) Toyriffic - A new one for me, I likes the pictures on this one, and the stories are good as well, oh and lets see... yep it's about toys!

So those are the blogs I hit daily, besides all 2000 or so of Rob's and as I mentioned Plaid Stallions, enjoy!

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Bubbashelby said...

Well I went ahead and tagged five fine folks myself - who all probably think I'm crazy.

Oh well.

Thanks for the tag CB - that was fun!