Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Animated Vulture

A few more pages from the Spider-Man Animated Series Style Guide. I have yet to watch an episode of the new Spectacular Spider-Man, but back in the 90's I tried to catch all the Spider-Man Animated Series. One of the villains that I thought had a cool character design was the revision of the Vulture. I thought the much younger looked worked for the cartoon, plus the addition of the higher tech costume.

These type of pages always appealed to me, not only because the gave all the color references, but some pretty cool action shots and situations so you could get a feel for the character.

I remember being pretty excited that the toy line was coming out, I had an image of the prototypes burned into my head thanks to Toy Fare, Tomart's, and Lee's magazines. I had planned on getting the series, but as usual budgets and lack luster actual production, plus the fact that I was trying to collect other lines at the time always squashed those plans.

Still, I find the Vulture figure from the line pretty cool (peeped here at, one of the best resources around for older Marvel toys) and since I missed it the first time around I could make a trip to the bay to see what bargains are to be found! Who needs a nice cushy retirement right? Hell I could do as the Vulture when I get old and fly around busting up superheroes!

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