Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Charles and Ray Eames Stamps

So I come home last Friday and my wife surprises me with a set of stamps, but not just any set, a set of Charles and Ray Eames! I didn't even know they were getting a stamp set, super sweet!

I would have considered Charles and Ray Eames an industrial design team, but they also did paintings, sculpture, film, furniture, architecture, and graphic design. Some really amazing stuff. You know what I dig about these commemorative stamp sets is on the back there are little blurbs about the image on the front, not that you couldn't learn about this stuff in a book about the Eames, but it gives the masses a little history about design!

My wife has listened to me talk over and over about wanting to get an Eames Lounge and Ottoman, so she spied these at work and purchased me a sheet for the office. Thing is she new these were coming out for months and kept quite, she knew if I found out these were coming she would have to hear me go on an on about the stamps as well.

So cool, she does listen to all the stupid stuff I talk about, well the non toy stuff anyway...

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Bubbashelby said...

lol - I sometimes get excited over stamps too, but they are usually only cartoon/superhero/muppet ones.

Pretty cool of your wife to surprise you like that!