Monday, June 23, 2008

Bounty Hunter: SD Boba Fett

Here we have the Medicom Toys Super Deformed (SD) Empire Strikes Back Boba Fett. Besides liking Boba Fett, I picked this up because it reminds me of a drawing I did years before for Star Wars Kids Magazine of Fett for a feature called Boba Fett's Bounty Hunt.

It was actually a drawing in my portfolio of the Fett-Man that got me the gig at Star Wars Kids back in 1999, that all the following Boba Fett Drawings I did were based on. Everyone that has seen the magazine and then visits the studio says the same thing. "Did you design that toy?" Nope, but I have to believe somewhere, someone had seen the drawings I did and it gave them the inspiration. Or it could be a coincidence, who knows? Still it's a fun little toy to have around. Medicom actually did the Return of the Jedi version as well, but that's the one that screams like a baby as he falls into the Sarlaac Pit and I'll have no part of that.

Well while I dig up the original files, here's a couple of shots of some framed issues I have hanging in my office to compare (camera phone, guerilla style!).

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Bubbashelby said...

Wow, that sure does look like your drawing, down to the clown-ish big toed shoes.