Friday, June 20, 2008

LEGO my Batman!

Okay so my boss went to the licensing show last week and to rub it in he sends me this from his mobile phone.

They say next year it's my turn, I hope there's some cool Superhero stuff when I get to go. Not to sound bitter though, but I've seen these LEGO things before, so that's all I'm saying...

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Anonymous said...

Wow Charles, i'm really diggin' your site here, so many fun posts and articles that are all really up my alley, super glad to have discovered your site, its been bookmarked and i'll be checking in regularly. i'm an artist out here in LA who has a lot of common interests and likes and thought you might get a kick out of a couple pieces of art i did for fun over on my deviantart site, ones an homage to 70's saturday morning live action tv shows and the other is to 70's action/adventure figures, i threw my japanese monster one in too. click on the image once you're there to enlarge the picture full screen. let me know what ya think, best for now, Dusty Abell.