Thursday, June 5, 2008

Bounty Hunter: Transforming Fett!

I said Fett, not Vette... This is a crazy gift my buddy Bill gave me around my birthday (It's been a while I know Bill, I'm slow to post these things). This is crazy because it comes with a tiny, tiny Boba Fett, that fits into his space ship, the Slave I, that in turn transforms into a 7" Boba Fett, that you can also stick the little Fett into. I'm lost.

The vehicle mode is a pretty good representation of the Slave I. The ship mode alone is a pretty cool little toy, pop off the blasters, take tiny Fett out of the cockpit, and a few twists later you have the robot mode. The blasters go into the hands and tiny Fett can go back in for some robot riding goodness. Oh, the rocket pack fires pretty far for a modern toy. Back in my day we had toys that could fire missiles that could break the skin, before that kid swallowed the one from the Battlestar Galactic viper toy. Toys would never be the same. Kind of weird, that very incident caused the removal of the missile firing action from the original Fett figure, and here we are years later with a Fett toy that fires a pretty decent missile.

I really dig the package on this set, it has a little disk on the front in case you are not familiar with Transformers, that you can spin to see the ship mode and the transformed mode. If I hadn't wanted to check out the toy so bad it might have stayed in the package just for the little spinning disk alone. Good thing for digital cameras and blogs!

I have personally owned maybe three transformers (including this one) in my life, and one of those was a go bot, so I think this is pretty cool. My son, who has owned probably up into the hundreds of transforming toys (80% being Transformers), says this is rather basic for a Transformer. Either way it's still a freaking Boba Fett, if these would have been around when I was a child I would have been terrorizing the space lanes and neighbor planets with my Han Solo stomping robot of doom!

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Bubbashelby said...

Groovy! I have the Darth Vader/Tie Interceptor figure (also a birthday gift) and although I collect Transformers and SW I've never quite gotten into the hybrids.

If I was a kid I'd be all over them though. And the Death Star Darth Vader is pretty tempting...if it'd only go on clearance!