Wednesday, June 18, 2008

BTAS Batmobile 2008

I've been following various forums and blogs that have been featuring the new Hotwheels Batman 1/64th scale line for a few weeks. I have personally seen most of the vehicles in the line at the store, save the Tumbler (the movie Batmobile) and the Comic Version of the Dark Knight's car. I have to date only picked up the 1960's Television Show's Batcycle and this one. Probably the one I was most excited to see since Batman the Animated Series (BTAS) hasn't really had product since the cartoon aired in the 90's.

I for one am glad to see the Animated Series represented. A lot of people think this car is a brick, but I really appreciate the design on this one. It's a sort of hybrid of the older movie designs and the "retro future" design of the Animated Series.

Here's the Batmobile in the title sequence of Batman the Animated Series, the best cartoon opening ever in my opinion!


Bubbashelby said...

I agree - one of the best openings for one of the best cartoons ever - and one of the coolest Batmobiles ever too.

The HWs version is great, if a bit "stunted." The Ertl 1:64 from the time the cartoon was airing is thus far the best toy of it ever made IMO.

chunky B said...

Ertl, huh?

Yeah that whole Ertl line is sweet, especially the bat jet! Do you have the Kenner one for the action figs? That has to be my all time favorite version!

Bubbashelby said...

Awesome - I never saw that post of yours. Yes that's the one! I also have the Police Copter, Bruce Wayne's Cord, the Bat Jet, and Batcycle with Batgirl from that line. I think all that I am missing is the Bat Boat.

I do have the Kenner action figure sized of the re-releases from late in the line, with the red wheels. It is certainly one of the best!

chunky B said...

I think I have all the ones mentioned but the cycle with Bat girl, mine is sans figure. I say think because they are in various storage totes right now.

I'm still digging for Ultraman!

Jay Amabile said...

the opening to BTAS was like a mini movie in itself. I was in awe of the style of the animated series but I grew tired of it after a while. As for the batmobiles...I think the best is the super powers batmobile! Also the comic version from the 90s and the movie versions from '89 and '92 are awesome as well.