Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Codename: Cobra Commander

What the? Another Cobra Commander? He's the same guy, just the more recognizable Helmeted version. I picked this one up a weekend or so back, cool thing is his package didn't fly the same colors as the 25th Anniversary packaging, instead it was trimmed in white and had a bubble about "as seen in the GI Joe cartoon" on it.

Still he is the Anniversary style figure, so this may just be a packaging change or a different direction for the line. A few other things that I think are cool is this version came with a little canister with pink crystals in it (not photographed, man I hope I didn't loose it already), if I remember right it has some thing to either do with the Weather Dominator or the DNA to make Serpentor. Still cool item.

Also, since the only Cobra Commander I had from the classic line was the armored one (which is buried in a sand box) I wasn't sure if this was a carry over feature from the classic line or not, but his little laser pistol plugs into his back for storage. Kinda cool, but funny at the same time. I mean wouldn't a holster be more practical?

While I'm at it, lets make this an extra large photo post for GI Joe, I picked up the Joe comic pack featuring the reprint of the first comic. I will go on record that is I ever have to get a kid a present for a birthday or holiday, these comic packs are the way to go. You get something to read plus a few figures from the comic. I liked this idea when Marvel Legends came packed with comics, when Mattel started packing comics with some of the Batman figures, and Hasbro has been doing with Star Wars and now GI Joe. Got to hand it to Hasbro, when something works they use that formula over and over. I can appreciate it, because it lets me catch up on some key issues from the Joe series and add to the collection, and for ten bucks it seems like a deal.

So sneaking up behind Cobra Commander is none other than Agent Scarlet and General Hawk (though his stand reads GI Joe Hawk). I thought it would be cool to layout the contents of the comic pack and show it that way. Apparently there is an order form for the GI Joe Medic and I'm a sucker for order forms, so I'm going to try and make the August deadline so I can get one for the collection, got to have a field surgeon you know M*A*S*H proved that. Side note, Rob I saw that you have a M*A*S*H blog coming soon, I can't wait.

Scarlet comes with her cross bow and a pistol, Hawk as you can see has a side arm, riffle, helmet with visor, and a combat knife. Don't know why he gets more equipment, my guess is Scarlet is such a welled trained fighter that she only needs a side arm and cross bow. Things of interest, like most Joes, Hawk uses a repainted body and new head sculpt, Scarlet is a re paint from the 25th Anniversary box set. This time she sports brighter, comic colors. I kinda dig the brighter colors myself.

So lets see the blog score so far is...

G.I. JOE: 6

Not to worry Cobra fans, I have some snake reinforcements on the way! Till then YO JOE!

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Jay Amabile said...

i was so going to comment about the colors ...then you mentioned the bright colors...thankfully she actually HAS colors. The new film they are all in black. How boring? What better way to define the characters than use different colored costumes? It's like the Xmen movie. They should've all had their original colored costumes. No matter how silly it sounds I'd rather see Hugh Jackman in the yellow/blue/black costume or even the maroon and yellow costume. Even now that Marvel is shaping up they don't take risks in that department. So what if Wolverine looked like he was in Stryper!