Wednesday, June 11, 2008


This is sort of a two fold post. First I'm testing out a new hosting service, seems to be working okay so far, and two while perusing the musings of a fellow toy connoisseur, a post that got me to thinking about a piece of my collection that has been with me since around 1985, quite possibly the first toy of the Eclectorama collection.

So, over at Toyriffic (another fun toy blog by the way, hope Eric doesn't mind the shout out) I got a chuckle reading a post where Eric had stopped to pick up a discarded dinosaur toy on the road. I immediately had visions of a busy highway and cars zooming by, as he risks life and limb to save the majestic beast. Also I thought I'm not the only one that does crazy things in the name of toys. Anyway the post got me thinking about Godzilla here, so a few moments latter, and closer inspection, my questions about who was the manufacturer were answered.

It was indeed an Imperial Toy like Eric's Dino, cool! It was stamped right on the foot along with "Made in China", surprise, surprise. I remember picking him up at Toys R Us back in 85', he was in a dump box with other creatures, mostly dinosaurs. Pretty much how most Imperial Toys are distributed today. I always thought he was a knock of though. Turns out he;s the real deal, at least officially licensed anyway. Righter on the bottom of his left foot is the TOHO trade mark, with year and copyright. Those that don't know TOHO is the studio responsible for all those great Godzilla movies.

Not a very good likeness, but a keeper none the less. Now if I can only find the little clip on Godzilla I used to have hanging in my VW back in college...


Bubbashelby said...

We DO think alike, my brother from another mother!

I just picked up the 6" version of that fig on eBay a couple weeks ago, along with a 9" Imperial King Kong.

Is yours the 6" or the 13"? He looks like the 13" one.

rob! said...

i like godzilla's happy dance there.

Bubbashelby said...

Oh, I meant 9"...not 13"

chunky B said...

He is about a foot heigh, I'll try and snap a pic next to some other figures. They did have one about 6" to 9", I always thought about picking one up for baby Godzilla!

Rob, I shot another picture from a lower angle that looks like he's getting ready to stomp on you, but the Happy dance was for the blog!