Wednesday, June 11, 2008

When Captain America throws his mighty shield!

Have I started a post with that before??? Here's a Toy Biz Captain America from Series One. When these started hitting you could go to a store and see the whole set, buy one, and return the next payday to pick up another. Man, how times have changed. I remember it took me like half a year to buy the four Ninja Turtles, now you don't pick up that toy you've been looking for you won't see it again, unless you shop online. Even then you could miss out!

This is on my list of favorite renditions of this character, he came with a sweet base with a tore up enemy tank and an American flag to plant on it, go Captain America! You know the articulation on this figure is insane, like many of the Marvel Legends, but all those crazy joints kinda take away from the lines a bit. Not that I'm complaining, especially after the original Toy Biz version of this guy (another fav, but man that one was sucktacular!).

Anyway I leave you with the Captain America theme song, I can start signing this in my house and who ever happens to be in ear shot, nine times out of ten, will finish it. Enjoy. Klang!!!

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Bubbashelby said...

That is a good Cap - I missed out on him...but I do remember those days of finding what you wanted, when you wanted.