Monday, June 16, 2008

Knock the horns off, I'll take that one...

So while I get pics of the Great Father's Day Transformer I received, I thought I would throw some pics of this steak house we found ourselves at this past Sunday.

As with every holiday we try to split time between the families, since they are both local. My wife's parent like to try new restaurants, and found this steak house called Cow Catchers Steak House out in the beautiful hill country of south, central Texas. Okay for starters I will go on record as saying for the most part, all those T.V. shows you see about Texas and their steak are pretty much true, King of the Hill is a pretty dead on likeness of the surrounding area and it's inhabitants, I think that's why it's so funny to me. I would say the only one that was a bit exaggerated was the Simpsons where Mr. Burns picked his cow out before he ate, though I will note the inside of the steak house was eerily similar to a steak house not far from where I work. So yeah pretty much all you see on T.V. about Texas steak houses is spot on.

Now having said that, I was born and raised in Texas, so you can't really surprise me too much when it comes to a steak house. We have steak house like most towns have 7-11's. They are all pretty much large rooms with antiques nailed to the wall, with the exception of those "fancy pants" places downtown, every surface in the place is wood and has something branded (I'm talking about a cattle brand, not marketing) and pretty much the only thing on the menu is meat.

So now we pull into the gravel "parking lot" and I see the name of the place for the first time, I immediately thought we maybe picking out our own cows at this one, I was surprised to say the least. Well we didn't pick out the cow, but I will say it was a neat setup. You trekked across a small field past what I would term a dance hall, connecting to a long house, and finally connecting to the main dinning hall it's self. All the buildings have a porch system if you would rather wind around each of them to get to the food. You enter a little foyer that leads right into a large, and I mean large dinning hall. A 1900's Chuck Wagon is suspended above the main dining area and the hall has windows everywhere looking out at the hill country.

I didn't think to shoot the steak I ordered, but it was quite large, much larger than what I expected. Cooked it was about 3 inches thick and the size of my whole hand. Needless to say I couldn't finish it. They had a motto that was pretty much taken from a saying I have heard several time growing up, "if you leave hungry it's you're own fault". Now you know why San Antonio is the fattest city in Texas, and I think the U.S. The steak was good, but the cool thing about this place was that you could go out an pet some horses and feed the long horns that are in the coral to the right of the place. That was a first for me as far as steak houses go. I imagine that if we had been there on a Friday or Saturday night that they would have had a band playing in the dance hall as well.

So a pretty enjoyable afternoon, we decided it wasn't the everyday sort of steak house (yeah we have those too, hell we even have a drive through "Steaks to Go") but a cool place to take the out of town relatives when they visit. You know I'm going to have to start documenting Steak Houses around the area, I guess I better start carrying my camera with me more often, the mobile phone just doesn't cut it for photos.

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