Monday, June 30, 2008

Reproduction Adventurer

While we are talking about Joes. I thought I would drop a shot of a Hot Topic Reproduction GI JOE, Land Adventurer up on the blog! These were released a few years back (and re released a year back at Walmart) and when I found out I made a special trip to the land of emo and goth to score this GI JOE.

Okay I don't know all the little things that make this guy different from the original, but I can tell you his Kung Fu grip has thinner fingers than I remember, he seems lighter, meaning the plastic is not as heavy, and his hair seems a little fuzzier! Other than that he seems like the same old Joe of day long ago. Oh I forgot didn't the Land Adventurer come with a rifle? Or was that the Air Adventurer? Oh well, who's keeping track.

Still I think he's a great looking figure and he was only about 10 bucks (more than the Joes back in the day, but still not that expensive). He reminds me of when I went with my dad to the auto parts store, I think the store was called Whites Auto Parts, and in their small toy department they had a knock off jeep that was scaled for the 12" Joes, needless to say it came home. Man I loved that jeep, so much that it went on every adventure till it couldn't go no more. The thing was actually in scale better than some of the official vehicles. Good times, well I dug this Reproduction Joe so much I made a trip or two to Walmart (yeck!) to pick up a few buddies for him. I'm hoping once we get everything settled to be able to put together an "Eclectorama" display in the studio / office again. So expect to see some pics!

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