Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cobra Reinforcements!

I picked up a few Cobras to help fight the growing ranks of Joes, thing is one came in a two pack with a Joe, so that kinda negates that Cobra's presence.

So first off I thought I would finally bite the bullet and pick up that peg warmer Dreadnok Buzzer. What the hell I needed him for the collection, and I was reducing the surplus by one. I have to say, he looks a lot better in the package than out. The figure I purchased seems a little more softer than the other figures from the line. He keeps losing his hands and the back pack doesn't seem to stay put, the hole on the back is too large or the peg on the pack is too small, you decide. The one cool thing though is he has a pretty kick ass chainsaw! Choppy, choppy Joe!

Next up is "Little Red Riding Hood" Stormshadow. My what a big compound bow with laser sites and eavesdropping equipment you have. All the better to shoot at Joes my dear! Really this Storm shadow is based on the previous release, except instead of a traditional bow, he sports this super duper spy bow. Stormy comes packed with a Snake eyes (like always), this version is battle damaged, and I have to say is becoming one of my favorite versions of the character. One thing I do not get is Snake eyes has a pouch that carries the Cobra insignia on it. I figured the comic book included would shed some light on the accessory, but no such luck. I know Snakes and Stormy are from the same ninja clan, was Snake eyes a Cobra at one time? I always thought he was a Joe. Or maybe it's some secret Cobra intel that he has taken. I'm sure it's explained somewhere, if you know, drop me a comment. Cause you know what they say about knowing...

Until then Yo Joe!

G.I. JOE: 7


rob! said...

man, i can't find any figures, at all.


slightly OT: Sienna Miller looks hot as the Baroness.

Bubbashelby said...

"Cause you know what they say about knowing..."

Umm, knowing is 7/8ths of the battle?

Something like that, I was never a big Joe fan.

Cool figures though!