Monday, July 7, 2008

Cap'toon Jack

I've been watching these things sit at Target forever, seems like forever. I always thought I would pick up the one of Jack cause I like the animated style Zizzle gave them, so when I saw that they were starting to hit on clearance I grabbed the last Jack I could find.

Okay I'll give Zizzle props for the insane sculpting on this guy, he looks like he stepped out of a cartoon style guide, but I can see why this guy was on clearance, he's sort of stiff, hardly any articulation. Okay I've been known to say that sometimes it's the stiff articulation that gives a figure it's charm, but in this case I think it takes away a little. I mean you want to be able to pose this guy in all those crazy sword fighting poses. I will say that I was more attracted by the toon look than the articulation, and thought it would be a lot less expensive to buy this one than the animated style maquette, that has no articulation so I really do not have much room to complain.

For being a rather new toy company, I think Zizzle has done a great job with the whole Pirates of the Caribbean license, The smaller 3 3/4 figures reminded me of when Star Wars figures first hit stores a year after the movie came out and how cool it was to see all these wonderful characters. Of course Zizzle released their figures with the movie, and this line came later based on an animated style guide, but the feeling is the same.

I'll also say that since looking at the back of the package, I might have to pick up a tooned up version of ole' squid face himself, Davey Jones! Arrrrrrgh!

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