Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Everyone likes a bad girl!

And the Baroness is the baddest girl around! Okay I'll start it the right way... Code name: Baroness... there happy? Part of the New GI JOE Line Baroness has come to kick ass and take names, plus help give Cobra a little edge here on the blog.

This version of the Baroness is based on her cartoon appearance, Hasbro used the same body as the version that came in the 25th Anniversary Cobra Box set, but this time they re sculpted the head, leaving the "ring around the eyes" glasses off and giving her a boss pair of shades. Baroness was found at the "Magic Grocery Store", but I had actually found roadblock first and then say her laying at the bottom of the shelf. So I had a decision to make, Baroness, Roadblock, roadblock, Baroness... Baroness! Side note I forgot the charcoal and had to go back to the store, so Roadblock will be here tomorrow.

I have been in a little of a GI JOE mood lately so bare with me, until I find a DCU Aquaman, the new EMCE Star Trek figures come out, or we start getting JLU again, it's going to be Yo Joe!

G.I. JOE: 7

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Jay Amabile said...

i'm still not a fan of the sunken in chest for articulation purposes. I don't need to articulate their abdomens THAT BAD! lol. I'm not sure I like her face sculpt though. Maybe I'm just too used to the classic baroness. I'm interested to see how the Sienna Miller figure will look...