Thursday, July 3, 2008

Dirty Little Clone

A friend of mine picked this up for the blog. It's the Hasbro Hawkbat Trooper (not sure why it's called that, I think it's from the Hawkbat battalion) from the recent Star Wars line. The character actually appears in the Clone Wars animated shorts that aired on Cartoon Network a few years back. This was before George and Hasbro started painting all the troopers all those crazy colors.

It was taken from one of the coolest images from the show, where the clones are knee deep in mud, in pouring down rain, blasting away. I always thought it was funny that toys now a days are purposely made to look dirty, thought this guy looks like he stepped in motor oil. It is kinda neat that Hasbro tried to make the mud look as much like cartoon mud as possible. Another thing that most people would miss is that the usual black band above the eyes is missing from the helmet, I believe that it was left out of the cartoon in that scene as well, now that is attention to detail!

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Bubbashelby said...

That's a sweet figure - I absolutely love the removable helmet figures!