Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Face Only a Mother Could Love...

Okay, I'll admit the face is what I love about this little guy! I picked this up a little over a year ago at one of my all time favorite toy shop, Toy Joy! It's one of those shops that is packed to the ceiling with all sorts of crazy, offbeat, pop culture treasures located in downtown Austin, TX. I try to stop by this shop every time we make a trip to the state capital, like we're going to the big city, thar!

Toy Joy is usually the last stop before we head home and I usually squirrel away a few bucks just incase I find treasures like this rubber ape. They had him in a couple different colors, but the black reminded me of King Kong so it seemed like a logical choice. Standing at about 7 inches, this guy is one of those rubbery animals that you usually find around Halloween at the grocery store, not the hard plastic Imperial type, but the cheap-o flexible rubber snake type. He is made by a company I have never heard of called Gigantor, or maybe that's his name, or both... what ever that's what's stamped on the bottom of his foot.

The cool thing is he is hollow and you can stick action figures in his mouth for a snack, sort of like those old alligators. This guy sat on the dash the whole way home, and when we hit that five o'clock traffic jam in Austin he would come down to yell at the other passengers in the car and even a few other drivers.

I'm hoping to post some more of my Toy Joy finds on the blog, and eventually I want to take a camera and shoot some picks of the shop. Till then you can go take a virtual tour of the place, granted their web store doesn't have a lot in it, but trust me the virtual tour will be more than enough proof that this place is packed to the gills with toys!


Bubbashelby said...
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Bubbashelby said...

That monkey rocks! So does that store.

To paraphrase the song, if I'm ever down in Texas I'll look them up.

Jay Amabile said...

he's definitely unique. i'm a big fan of this wacky ape.

rob! said...

that's a great looking monster.