Thursday, July 10, 2008

Heeeeere's Bulkhead!

As promised, a little bit of photo's from this past Father's Day present, Bulkhead from the Animated Transformers line.

I am totally digging this guy, I like the color, the look (both robot and vehicle), and look at that mug! Actually Bulkhead sort of reminds me of a Dinky Toy I had when I was little. The Dinky Toy didn't transform, but it was sort of the same stature as Bulkhead's vehicle mode. It was about the same color, had treads, and when you flipped a switch a missile launcher would rotate up out of the back of the vehicle. I believe it was from the show U.F.O by Gerry Anderson. At the time I didn't know that, it was just a cool looking tank truck, and heavy, that thing was like a brick.

Anyway, Bulkhead here seems like a chunky, knock over everything, sort of guy like me, maybe that's why I like him. I will admit, I've only seen about five minutes of the new Transformers show, but I do like what I've read about bulkhead on the package, he specializes in breaking things, but he enjoys being creative and would rather sculpt than destroy! Sweet, no wonder, he's an artist, him and my Kyle Raynor Green Lantern should have lots to talk about.

I think it's funny that my "brother in toys" at Toyriffic received a Animated Transformer from his children for Father's Day as well, that tells me we are raising them kids right!


Bubbashelby said...

Lol - someone has to influence the next generation - might as well be those of us who haven't grown up yet ;)

That Bulkhead is a great looking figure. I imagine he's the "Animated" universe's answer to Hound.

There's a larger version (in like the $40 range) I saw at TRU today that comes with "Headmaster" - a character from the new cartoon who is an homage to the Headmasters series of old. The massive Bulkhead is pretty sweet, nice and large and imposing, and he even talks.

chunky B said...

whoa I'm going to have to check out the new larger one! I saw some cool five dollar ones that are supposed to transform at the touch of a button, I thought those were cool entry level ones!