Monday, July 28, 2008

Midnight Madness 2008!

Midnight Madness hit this past weekend, and while I had other things to do I'm not sure I would have joined in. I did a Midnight Madness with the last movie a few years back and wasn't good for much the next day... oh, what is Midnight Madness? Well that's a term they came up with for Star Wars toy debuts, usually Toys R Us, target, and Wal Mart all do something for the launch of new Star Wars toys, usually in conjunction with and event like a new movie or cartoon series. This Midnight Madness was to help launch the new Clone Wars Cartoon.

While I was not planning in participating in the actual Midnight Madness, I did plan on stopping by a Target to see the new toy aisle reset. See, not only was the new Star Wars stuff supposed to debut, but other toys were to be expected. More GI JOES, new JLU, and whatever else they saw fit to cram into the new aisle reset. I was hoping to see the new Big Millennium Falcon, but no luck. Also no luck on the JLU or GI JOES at this Target, instead I found a Classic Battlestar Galactica Cylon Raider, a year and eight days since I wrote about skipping it never to see it again. Seems that they did a re release in with the other Star Wars Die Cast. Thank you very much Hasbro.

I also had to pick up at least one Star Wars Clone Wars figure on this trip. There are only a few I want, and it looks like that most will be plentiful, but I had to grab a cartoon looking R2-D2, just because I wanted to check out all his cool little features. This reminds me when we last saw Star Wars take a bow, it was the Droids and Ewoks cartoon. Being too old for toys at the time, I remember seeing the cartoonish R2 from the Droids series, which was little more than a sticker change and some simpler paint apps, but I secretly wished I would have grabbed one then.

I'm not sure how the new cartoon will do, but I do like some of the more stylized designs for Obi Wan and the Clone Trooper, plus I've seen a C3-PO from the series, so I will more than likely pick up one of each to round out my little sub set. Plus it's neat that they built in some action features as well. So a double shot of Hasbro toys this trip!

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Bubbashelby said...

Pretty sweet Cylon raider!

That R2 is cool as well. I stopped by TRU this weekend and almost walked out with a Star Wars toy or two. I really like the IG series javelin droid.