Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"I Vill Destroy Iron Man!"

Titanium Man is from Hasbro's Iron Man Movie line released this summer. While not in the movie, Titanium Man is one of the cooler Iron Man villains, I actually thought this guy would be in the movie, not Iron Monger, but hey, can't have everything.

The figure is actually a lot better than I originally thought when I saw the prototypes all over the web. He is not a recycle or repaint of the standard movie Iron Man figure, but a new mold, done up in the style of the movie. A nice little update to a classic character. Another cool thing is that the armor is asymmetrical, the arms and legs look to be made of different parts. Now if I was building an armor I think I would make some stuff symmetrical, like boots and gauntlets, but hey ya know... that's me.

The blaster that snaps on his arm shoots two missiles at once, kinda weird when you think of it, you blow all your ammo at once. It can be removed or placed on either arm as well, though it fits better on the left. The articulation on the figure is pretty nice, one thing you will notice if you are an Iron Man toy connoisseur is that there are really no bits that get in the way of the articulation. So you can pull off some pretty cool poses. Color seems okay, titanium Man is green so that's pretty had to screw up. A metallic green might have been over the top for this movie inspired figure.

I like the new design, but I really would love to see the classic Titanium Man design make an appearance, maybe in a future Marvel Legends wave. It has appeared in the little Marvel Super Hero Squad figurines so I know somebody at Hasbro knows what he looks like.

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