Friday, August 1, 2008

...and on Thursday the Mail man brought the Apolkolips!

About a week ago I received and email from fellow JLU Club member Rob Kelly, detailing his luck in finding not only a Grodd Six Pack but the newer Attack from Apolkolips Six Pack. He went on to say that not only did he pick up both, but he picked up another of the later for me! Sweet Elvis' Ghost! I had just read about this set that morning while trolling all the SDCC post of the day!

So I was instructed to wait by the mailbox on Thursday for a package. Packages from Rob always have some sort of cool sticker or something on it so I think I was anticipating what heroes he would use to deco the outside along with the JLU goodness. That's a sign of someone who loves their superheroes! Not to be let down, Rob has made a new mailing label with his favorite right on it!

Suddenly the sound of thunder and where my mailbox once was a giant Boom Tube opened up and spit out the Mail man and a package. But holy cow the package was huge, he sent the whole thing boxed! I wasn't expecting it to come packaged, so I thought in honor I would shoot a couple of package pictures.

Mr. Miracle, Superman, Forager, Mantis, Darkseid, and Lashina make up the six pack. I'm familiar with three of the six, so I'll add the box copy for the rest.

"Mantis, an evil resident of Apokolips, decides to lead an invasion of Earth after the apparent demise of Darkseid."

"A member of Granny Goodness' female furies, Lashina fights in the name of her master Darkseid, against all who oppose her"

"A "bug" who lives on New Genesis, Forager meets up with Batman and Wonder Woman and helps them save many of his friends from attacks by Darkseid."

I never even saw that episode, not sure what the reference is to being a "bug" unless it's what Darkseid regards the citizens of New Genesis.

Back to Thursday, while sending Rob a thank you email, I turned on JLU on Boomerang and what was it about? An attack from Apolkolips! Crazy! Well Rob, thanks again, I hope now that Target is supporting the line I can find some to return to you, and as always... Viva JLU Club!

Scooooooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre-a! Probably the coolest next to Mr. Miracle in the set!


chunky B said...

Okay I need to read some New Gods! A whole race of humanoid Bugs!?! What the hell was Jack Kirby smoking?

I plan on picking up some of the omnibus now!

Bubbashelby said...

That set rocks all kinds of socks!!!!!!


rob! said...

i figured half of the fun of finding and owning these figures is getting to yank them out of the package (somewhere, an ebay seller cries when that happens).

in any case, i didn't want to deny you that pleasure, so i sent the whole box.

via JLU club!

Jay Amabile said...

I'll understand if you want to kill me after this but I don't really like this version of Darkseid. The rest of the set looks great though.

chunky B said...

Not at all, to tell you the truth, Darkseid is one of my least favorite characters, the JLU version does look a little silly, now the DC Direct version they released as part of the Jack Kirby line, would be my favorite version of the character...

I do like the other characters, the whole fourth world thing I find sorta interesting.