Monday, August 4, 2008

Code name: Clutch

Boo Yaa! This Joe has one of the biggest accessories, a freak'n jeep! Not really it is one of the new vehicle sets based on older molds for the vehicle and new 25th Anniversary molds for the figure.

So here is Clutch and his V.A.M.P. (Multi-Purpose Attack Vehicle, don't you like how they reversed it?), sold at stores everywhere, or Target or something like that. When I saw this I thought cool a Jeep for my Joes! If I had took the time to inspect it a little further I would have seen it only holds two Joes, even still I like the looks of this mean, green machine (insert John Candy Stripes dialog here!).

I've read other places that these new vehicle / figure combos come with some, not all, of the stickers pre applied. I'm sort of anal when it comes to stickers, I get an xacto knife to help separate the sticker from the sheet and also to place on the vehicle , space ship, what have you. This helps to eliminate the finger print smudge or curled up edge, also helps to line up things. It took years of practice, I didn't start out like this, but I will say my son's toys always had the best stickers. Having said this please note that I did not place these stickers, these are the ones right out of the box. So it is something to look for if it bugs you, me only if I put them on and screw them up.

So it has two strikes against it, holds two figures, messed up pre applied stickers, but it does have some cool things going for it. One is huge ass free rolling wheels, this is how I envision my jeep instead of the Soccer Mom mobile that it is, two opening hood, movable gun, removable gas cans, and a removable shovel... okay that's several for two, I couldn't wait. Nice touches are the headlamps and tail lamps are not stickers, but transparent plastic... cool, and the gun on top has hoses that are attached to it. I'm not sure if the original had these, but it makes it look hi tech cool.

Looks like the V.A.M.P. also has a tow hook for a possible up coming accessory or something, the older ones sometimes came with a canon or large laser that it could pull behind it. Makes me wonder if we will see this re released with more goodies or not.

The figure on the box is called Double Clutch, but on his stand his code name is Clutch, that's how I've always heard him called in comics, so I'm sticking with that. Clutch has one of the coolest beards on a 3 3/4 figure, again reminds me of a small version of an Adventure Team Joe, plus he has one of the coolest, less than thrilled expressions. The body of the figure makes use of some recycled parts and has one of the oddest placed side arm holsters for a vehicle driver, the ankle. At least he keeps his k-bar at his side!

Still neck n' neck, Yo Joe!

G.I. JOE: 9

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