Friday, August 29, 2008

Batman's Tie Fighter

With the latest version of the Batman in animated form on T.V., our hero got a revamped set of wings that looks like it flew right out of Star Wars. The new Batwing from the Batman made it's debut around the second or third season, but didn't make it too market until about a season after that. this is one of those Bat vehicles that has the Batman figure, or figurine, stuck in place. This version converts to an attack mode, though it didn't do that in the show. I liked it when it appeared on the tube, so when I saw it on a shopping expedition I picked it up. For some reason I usually do not pick up these fixed figure toys, with the exception of Batcycles that is. But this was such a radically different approach to a Bat plane that I thought it was worth it. Plus it never hurts that it fires missiles.

I remember that the lines were packed at the Target we frequent, and a "Team Leader" that we always see opened up a lane and we jumped into it. He asked if the Batplane was for me, sort of as a joke and I said it sure was. Then he broke out into telling me that the new season started that coming Saturday and to make sure I watched it. You could tell he was a Batman fan as well, just by his pure excitement in the way he talked, like he finally found another Batfan that would listen. Then surprisingly my wife chimed in with "you should go check out Legions of Gotham on the web"... wow she does listen to all that crazy nerd stuff i talk about.

I really didn't have to say much except to promise to watch that Saturday's episode, like I wasn't going to do that anyway, paaaleeease what type of Batfan did he take me for.


Bubbashelby said...

I didn't start following the show until the later seasons, so I don't recall this Batwing. Pretty cool homage to the Tie Fighter for sure!

Anonymous said...

I like Batman but I am not a Batfan.

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