Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bazooka Joe!

Code name: Sgt. Bazooka. This Joe is in my top five of favorites from the old days. The Cobra Viper being one of the others. the other three are yet to be revealed. Though I could have sworn that he was just called Bazooka back then. I wonder if he got a raise with the promotion?

This guy has bulked up since the olden days, and compared to the other Joes he's huge. Either Hasbro thought it would be cool to bulk this guy up to football status to match his jersey or they messed up the scale. I like to think it was the first option. I am also going to go on record at this time in agreeing that the mid body articulation bugs me on this one since it cuts his number in half on his shirt. So Jay you're safe on this one if you rag on the chest articulation, lol. Another thing i find sort of weird is that his knee articulation is not the usual double joint, I wonder why that was changed? He has a cool new helmet that comes off and also sports a chin strap, a backpack that has removable ammo, and a much larger bazooka than the vintage Bazooka. the ammo can even be loaded into the new bazooka! Thought I would shoot a couple shoots of the package before I ripped it open this time.

So why is Bazooka deserving to be in the top five, easy he was the first original Joe I ever bought back in the day. I thought it was cool that he had the plain ole' fatigues and then some bright jersey, like he wasn't a target out there in the field. Plus he's got the 70's adult industry stache! Sadly my original Bazooka fell in the Battle of the Baby Room back in the mid nineties. My son and nephew took his life in a rather vicious and brutal fashion, ripping him in two and losing his limbs. I wept for poor Bazooka, but I did not learn my lesson as Wheel Jack from the Transformers suffered a similar fate. To this day my son is reminded of all the mighty that have fallen for his pleasure, their names will live on in our hearts and memories... Bazooka, Wheel Jack, Bossk.

Yo Joe!

G.I. JOE: 10

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