Thursday, August 7, 2008


Talk about flying in under the radar, Freaking FREAKAZOID!

So I'm sort of let down the other day because while on an expedition to dig up new Justice League toys I came up with zelch, nada, nothing... then as I made the usual rounds at the local Target, I check out the new releases and there was this one copy of FREAKAZOID! Season 1 starring back at me. Boo Yaa!

Cave Guy, Lobe, Fanboy, Dexter, Steph! Oh yeah and how could I forget Cosgrove! But my all time favorite of the series is Mo-Ron!

I will be watching these and maybe posting a short synopsis and review of the episodes! Freak Out!

sssallright? sssallright!


chunky B said...


LOL funny! I watched the first three episodes already!

Rob, there is a sequence where older superheroes are sitting around a table at a diner, Freakazoid is their waiter and he drops in on their conversation as one of them is talking about Aquaman!

Jay Amabile said...

I've had this on my amazon wishlist for months as a I actually have to order it. I used to love this show, it was very imaginative!

Bubbashelby said...

I caught a couple episodes but never followed it when it was on TV.

I was always more of a Pinky and the Brain type of guy.


chunky B said...

Animaniacs had a DVD out as well! Pinky and the Brain was the best part of that show!