Monday, August 11, 2008

The Great Mazinger!

Toy Joy strikes again! On one of our trips to Austin I picked up Mazinga, Mazinger, or whatever you prefer from my favorite toy stops Toy Joy! This trip I knew I was getting a windup robot from their awesome selection of windup tin men, I just didn't know which.

So I dug and dug through the stock on the shelf until I produced some likely candidates and lined them up for some final inspection. This seemed to amuse one of the shop keepers as he was stocking the section next to the windups. He asked if I was a fan of Windup Robots, which I responded with an enthusiastic "Hell yes!" and a smile. He said he was glad to hear, that he was a fan as well, that not too many people dig them around the shop.

I told him I was narrowing down today's purchase from the three I had lined up n the shelf to one, since I was also planing on picking up a few other odds and ends, and asked for his input as well. While I valued his opinion I decided to go with Mazinga here and left the others for another time. He got a laugh when I told him I would be back for the others, months later I did return and pick up one of the others, that's for another post.

Mazinga is from a family of Windups released from Marmit. They come in a little coffin style box with a photo of the toy on the front and the text in Japanese. The body is made of Tin with a print of the character design on it, the head is a roto molded plastic. Marmit produced several properties including among others Ultraman and Getter Robo. Oh and Toy Joy is the kind of shop that lets you look at the toy and try them out. They had several open robots for you to see and compare before purchasing!

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Bubbashelby said...

That is one sweet robot!